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Small to medium business owners

We work with complex small to medium enterprises (SME).

We help your business to grow, replacing systems that have become outdated; especially if you started with a simple finance only solution.

We help your business to see a single view of information, and stop the silos created across multiple non-integrated systems.

Information to make critical business decisions will be available in real time.

At BCPrise, we help SME's with end-to-end business systems to support the complexity of your business.

BCPrise for the small to medium enteprise: Be surprised.


SME Solution

If you have up to 50 users of your accounting or business software, and you are looking for an integrated business solution, then KPMG, Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank have the solution for you. 

Upgrade to clever software that handles the complexity of your business.  Wiise is an out-of-the-box solution that helps you manage everything in one hub and take time back to focus on what counts.

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SME & Complex

If you have complexity within your business model (whether in manufacturing, supply chain, warehouse or reporting), then a more comprehensive solution may be right for you.

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central is a highly configurable solution for the more complex SME.  Why not leverage Microsoft's investment in Dynamics and Azure?

Click here for more information on Business Central

Move to the Cloud

Many Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP partners have successfully transitioned their business focus to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fin Ops (the old AX).  Where does that leave you?

If you have been left behind as you partner moves on, BCPrise can help you.  We are focused on NAV, GP and Business Central.  Let's get you supported and then discussion the future for your business system.

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Xero or MYOB

Most businesses start small.  And simple. You went with an out of the box finance system to help you manage the business in the early days. 

Now you've grown.  You've outgrown your finance system.  Or even worse, you've got so many add-ons that you have to manually manage data and you have no single version of the truth. It's time to look at your first integrated, end to end business system.

Contact us to move to an integrated business system.

Customer & User Journeys

Why transform if the experience is not better for your customers and key users?  How do you know if you don't ask them?  Address your core business needs and enhance every customers's journey.

Make sure your next business system allows your business to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions.

Knowledge, Approach, Transform, Success (KATS)

How do you know what is possible?  How do we know what you need?  We work with you via a proven framework through knowledge sharing, challenging each other, agreeing an approach, delivering the right amount of transformation, and partnering with you for long term success.


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